We've got good news and good news:

Firstly, thank you for your patience during our closures over the last year.

With the change of the Bonaloop Management Team and Owners (and all that comes with that logistically and administratively) and then COVID (who could forget), we are well aware that some of you really wished we were around when we were not. While we were closed, we were so pleased to receive emails and calls inquiring on our whereabouts and status and honestly, it was the fuel we needed to keep moving forward towards reopening as soon as we could. We really appreciate all of you.

The first bit of good news is no small statement:


Yes, we mean it this time. All our legal, administrative, logistical, and technological ducks are in a row, our T's are crossed and our I's are dotted. We don't believe in jinxes here so we will just flat out come out and say it: THERE'S NOTHING THAT CAN STOP US NOW.

Why not open now you might be asking...

While your question is very logical and the thought was very compelling, we are going to take this time to take a quick breather from the battles we have fought to finally convey you this message and have a full set of sails for the days ahead. We also want to do a little preparations to make your experiences much more enjoyable when you return.

The second bit of good news is that while Bonaloop was forced to close, we had been working hard to bring you a much more technologically advanced Bonaloop than we have ever been and it is ready for your use. Once we open, you will need to create an account, old or new Patrons and Loopers alike. This is so that we can have your most up to date information and provide you a seamless use of our services.

Thank you so much for being with us and WE CANNOT WAIT to finally serve you again!

— The Bonaloop Management Team

Time Until Launch:

134 days 12 hours 50 minutes 33 seconds

About Us & How It Works

About Us

Bonaloop is a web-based service built to transform the way our communities operate by bridging the gap between college campuses and the towns and cities that hold them. Our platform provides area homeowners and local businesses with unprecedented access to labor, support, and hands-on assistance in a vast array of categories. Bonaloop also gives dedicated college students the unique opportunity to work with ultimate flexibility, while making a competitive hourly wage with the potential for incredible bonuses.

What is a Patron?

Any homeowner, business owner, community member, non-profit organization, city committee, elderly couple...ANYONE! If you're looking for a way to accomplish your to-do's, you can become a Patron.

What is a Looper?

Any college or graduate student meeting our high standards of reliability, friendliness, diligence, and enthusiasm, accepted into our system and covered by workman's comp. Student? Become a Looper.

Contact Us:

Phone: (978) 347 5999
Patrons: gethelp@bonaloop.com
Loopers: students@bonaloop.com
General: hello@bonaloop.com
Website: webmaster@bonaloop.com


Bonaloop, LLC
156 Cabot St, 2nd Floor
Beverly, MA 01915