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Our platform provides homeowners, businesses, community members, non-profits, city committees, elderly couples, and anyone else with access to labor, support, and hands-on assistance in a vast array of categories. If you are looking for help accomplishing your to-do's, we're here to help!

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Are you a college student?

Our platform gives dedicated college students the unique opportunity to work with ultimate flexibility while making a competitive hourly wage with the potential for incredible bonuses. If you are reliable, friendly, diligent, and enthuastic, let us help connect you with your community.

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Here are the most common services we offer. This is not meant to be an all inclusive list so if you need help with something that is not listed here, we may still be able to help!

While for many, it may seem and feel like we will do just about anything our Patrons ask, there actually are some exclusions our insurance company will not allow us to do. For a list of those services, click here. Please also note that we must abide by your local labor laws for any "Persons under 18" which you can always find on your state's goverment page.

Lawn and Yard
Lawn and Yard

Raking, mowing, mulching, gardening, trimming, and weeding lawn and yards of any size, big or small.


Packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and hauling items and properties of all sizes, big or small.

Dirty Work
Dirty Work

Digging, shoveling, light construction, and you guessed it, anything dirty! Don't be shy, we will get it done!


Cleaning any type & size of space and general organization.


Assisting with setting up, supporting, and breaking down events such as private parties, festivals, block parties, and more.


Interior painting of walls, ceilings, furniture, and more. Exterior is allowed when staining previously unpainted fences, decks and furniture. Please be aware that Loopers may not remove, handle, or apply lead paint.


Grocery shopping, dry cleaning, retrieval and delivery, and more.

Home Care
Home Care

House sitting, plant watering and anything else that we can help out with around the house.

Pet Care
Pet Care

Pet sitting, pet walking, pet feeding, and any other pet related activities.


Tech help, tutoring, photography and design, music lessons, and more.


Winter storm snow-shoveling support at request.


If a specific service you require is not listed here and not on our exclusions list, you can always inquire with us and we will always do our best to complete your request.

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About Us

What is Bonaloop? How does it work?

Bonaloop is a web-based service built to transform the way our communities operate by bridging the gap between college campuses and the towns and cities that hold them. Our platform provides area homeowners and local businesses with unprecedented access to labor, support, and hands-on assistance in a vast array of categories. Bonaloop gives dedicated college students the unique opportunity to work with ultimate flexibility, while making a competitive hourly wage with the potential for incredible bonuses.

Our Work Process

Post A Job

If you haven't already, create a Patron account and then submit your job request. Once the job is submitted, it is reviewed by our team and if it complies with our insurance guidelines, it is then posted to our Looper Job Feed.

Pick Up A Job

Loopers that have active accounts are able to access to all eligible jobs that are available for pick up. Once a sufficient number of Loopers sign up, the job appointment will be set!

Complete the Job

Now for the part you've been waiting for, getting those to-do's done! Loopers show up to the job on time and ready to work. It's up to you as the Patron to give direction and provide any necessary materials, our Loopers are there to serve as an extra set of hands!

Rate and Pay

Upon conclusion of the job, we request that all parties involved rate the service and each other to ensure that we are maintaining a safe working environment, all while providing top-quality service. We collect payments right from your Patron account dashboard!

Meet The Team Behind The Scenes

Brendan Chan Head of Operations

Direct Extension Ext 1001 Operations Team Ext 3001

Brendan Chan
Jonaldo Alix

Jonaldo Alix Head of Technology

Direct Extension Ext 1002 Technology Team Ext 3004


What Our Patrons Are Saying.

Author image Susan B Beverly, MA

"Beverly has this AMAZING group called Bonaloop, that is comprised of college students who like to work in their spare time. The students are responsible, polite and respectful. It's well managed and supervised. Twice I've used them and twice they relieved so much stress for me, I can't say enough good things about them."

Author image Denise N Beverly, MA

"I use them for raking/bagging leaves in the fall if we just can’t get to it. They have been awesome and well worth the $$! Way cheaper than a landscape company. Highly recommend them."

Author image Chris C Topsfield, MA

"We work with Loopers pretty often and have yet to have a bad experience. Thanks so much Bonaloop!"

Author image Betsy K Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

"I love Bonaloop. Thank you for being there."

Author image Marci P Beverly, MA

"Another great experience with Bonaloop! Two young men put my gazebo together for me today. They were prompt, polite, kind and did the job they were asked to do. Can’t wait to hire more Loopers for my next project!"

Author image Betty C South Hamilton, MA

"A well-run system. Well tested due to high volume of rain and drizzle for an outside project. As a new customer, I appreciated their attention to the details."

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