Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have a question that cannot be found on the list below, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will be more than glad to assist you! Our contact information can always be found at the bottom of any page.

Is Bonaloop a professional [fill in the blank: Landscape, Painting, Moving, etc] Company?

No! While we do strive for our Loopers to carry a professional work etiquette on the job, we do not train the Loopers in any of our categories, nor do we compete with professional services.

Bonaloop is strictly a connector to insured college students that work as an extra set of hands, directly for you, using your tools, equipment and direction.

Loopers can help you with moving, painting, raking, weeding & more under your direction, but please consider carefully if your request and expectation is better suited for a professional moving company, painter, landscaper etc.

What is your service area?

Our service area to you is based on where you are located from the schools that fall within our service area. A school is marked to be within our service area if we currently have 5 or more active Loopers attending the school.

  • If the address of the job is 30 minutes or less (driving) from the nearest in-service-area school, then the job is within our service area
  • If the address of the job is longer than 30 minutes (driving) from the nearest in-service-area school, then the job is outside of our service area
  • If the job is outside of the service area, there will be a $15 flat fee that will go directly to the Looper(s). In addition, the travel time to and from the job will be added onto the total cost of the job (per Looper)
  • All out-of-service area fees will be predetermined before the job

Do Loopers have their own tools and equipment?

Typically no. Loopers are all college students that come work directly for you using your tools, materials and equipment.

Do you supply moving trucks?

Similar to above, no.

Some of the Loopers do have their own pick-up truck or SUV that could be used on moving jobs, but we do not supply company trucks.

If you request specifically that a Looper uses their own pick-up truck or SUV to transport your items, there will be an additional $25 charge that goes directly to the Looper for the use of their vehicle. This fee will be agreed upon before the job.

What are the details for winter shoveling?

Bonaloop is not a snow removal company in that it cannot guarantee a Looper can be available for every storm, but is happy to connect you with college students when Loopers are available. To request snow removal, simply post a job as normal through your Patron dashboard, but no earlier than a day before a predicted snowfall given the variability of weather.

Note: Our liability insurance does not cover “Slip and Fall”: While Loopers are covered against any injury with our workers’ compensation insurance, if anyone else were to be injured because of snow and ice, Bonaloop or the Looper cannot be held responsible.

How do I pay for the job?

Since COVID-19, we have implemented a non-contact payment process at the conclusion of the job. You are able to pay for the job right through your Patron dashboard. Only jobs that are in the ‘Completed’ status can be paid for. Jobs will be marked completed once the Looper closes out the job on their end.

  1. Go to the ‘Current Jobs’ section.
  2. Find the job that you are looking to pay for
  3. Make sure it is in the ‘Completed’ status
  4. Under the ‘Action’ column, select 'Pay | Tip this job’ and click submit
  5. Here, you can pay via credit/debit card, Apple Pay, or PayPal and add any tips to the Looper(s). If there are multiple Loopers on the job, tips will be split accordingly.

How are Loopers insured?

Bonaloop provides Loopers with Workers’ Compensation, General Liability and Hired Not Owned Vehicle insurance.

Does Bonaloop provide quotes or estimates for jobs?

No. Our Loopers come to work for you at a fixed hourly rate (currently Patrons pay $25/hour per Looper, Loopers receive $15/hour) ($30/hour towards Patrons & $18/hour to Loopers are the current rates for snow shoveling).

Upon posting your request we ask for an estimated time duration in order to assist Loopers in scheduling their time. That estimated duration along with the number of Loopers that you request will give you a good idea of what you will pay.

Example: Sarah requests 2 Loopers to come do yard work for 4 hours, she will pay $25/hour x 2 Loopers x 4 hours: $200 total (plus a tip if Sarah is feeling generous!)

What if Loopers finish sooner, do I still have to pay for the full time I estimated?

You only pay for actual hours worked with a 1 hour per Looper minimum.

Meaning if your job was quick and only took 20 minutes to complete, the Looper is still entitled to 1 hour of pay and the Patron must pay 1 hour of service. You will have the opportunity to review the reported hours before paying, if the Looper misreported.

What if the job does not get completed within the estimated duration?

If the job takes longer than planned, it is entirely possible that the Loopers will need to leave due to other commitments as they are only obligated to stay the maximum duration that is agreed upon within the confirmation.

If your Looper cannot stay and you need additional help, simply go on the feed and request a new job and we will do our best to connect you with a Looper.

I submitted a job but now want to see or change my post, how do I do that?

All current or in-progress jobs can be viewed under the ‘Current jobs’ tab within your Patron dashboard.

You are able to make changes to the job details under the ‘Action’ column for each job by selecting ‘Modify this job’, making the appropriate changes, and clicking submit.

How much lead time should I give to schedule a job?

Jobs get posted to our private feed that all Loopers see within hours of your request, and they select jobs that interest them and fit their schedule.

There is no limitation on the lead time, but it greatly increases the chances of getting filled with the more lead time that you can give, and the more date and time options that you can offer.

Loopers are less likely to select jobs more than two weeks away given the contingency of their day-to-day schedules, but we are more than happy to get it on our Job Feed in case someone does want to commit to it.

How do I get notified when my job request is filled?

You will be notified via a “Job LOCKED” email with all the final details once a sufficient number of Loopers have signed up for your job.

Loopers will show up at the date, time and location as listed in the email, if you spot any discrepancies please reach out to us as soon as possible.

I have an outdoor job that is dependent on weather, what if it rains on the day of the job?

All outdoor jobs are “Weather Permitting” unless decided otherwise beforehand.

This means that either the Looper(s) or Patron can decide to cancel the job same day without penalty. (For all other jobs cancelled by the Patron in less than 24 hours, we ask them to pay the Loopers as estimated for reserving their schedule).

When cancelling the job, you will be given the opportunity to check off whether or not the job is being cancelled due to the weather. Please make sure to check this off as it will prevent any unnecessary cancellation fees.

I am not a citizen of the United States, can I become a Looper?

Unfortunuately, no. At this time, our Loopers are only protected if they have US citzenship. We are still exploring how we can safely allow non-US citzens to work with us.

Is Bonaloop a Temp Agency?

No, Bonaloop is simply a connector to college labor, where Loopers come work directly for you as Independent Contractors. Because Loopers are not employees of you or Bonaloop, we are careful to avoid placing Loopers in any positions that would violate Massachusetts Employment Law.

An example of this is any position temporary or otherwise with another business where the Looper would be directly working on or providing the product or service the business provides to its customers (For example Loopers should not do moving for a moving company or painting for a painting company, but Loopers could do moving for a painting company when it is moving its own offices).

Does it help to post a job sooner before I am certain of the time and date details?


This actually creates more confusion as Loopers select jobs specifically on their availability and then reserve the time selected in their schedule. Please always wait until you have date and time options you can commit to before posting (but the more time/date options you can give the better as in increases the chances it will be filled quickly).