Help Section

Welcome to the Help Section! We designed this resource to assist you with completing some common tasks on the site. Please review the topics below as needed and if you require further assistance, reach out to us. We are happy to help! We will keep this updated as the site features and aesthetics change so always check here if you need any help!

How To Post A Job

  1. First step, log in to your profile by clicking on the Log In button on the top right of the screen
  2. Click the New Job button that is listed along the top of the screen, OR click on the List New Job Button that is under the new ‘Current Jobs’ or ‘Past Jobs’ section
  3. Select a job type
  4. Select your availability (choose either the all-day availability or the specific date & time option depending on your personal circumstances)
  5. Select the number of Loopers that you will need to get the job done
  6. Add a description of what the job entails
  7. Add instructions for Loopers to follow for when they arrive to the job
  8. Select (Y/N) for whether or not the job is outdoors
  9. Select (Y/N) for whether or not the job requires a Looper with a vehicle
  10. Add a guaranteed cash bonus to the job that will go 100% to the Looper to help incentivize the job
  11. Confirm the contact details
  12. Confirm the job address
  13. Submit the job
  14. Wait for the job to be reviewed by our team, and once it is approved it will be posted onto the job feed for Loopers to access

How To Close And Pay For A Job

  1. First step, log in to your profile by clicking on the Log In button on the top right of the screen
  2. Once the Looper(s) submit their job completion form, a button will appear next to the job that says Close, please click that button
  3. Confirm the details that the Looper(s) reported to us, if it all looks correct click on the Confirm and Continue button
  4. If there are any discrepancies, please reach out to
  5. Rate the Looper(s) out of 5 stars based upon their promptness, mannerisms, and work quality
  6. Add any additional comments on the Looper(s) for management to review
  7. Pay for the job by confirming the amount that you are being charged, and entering in your card number, CVV, expiration date, and zip code
  8. Add any additional tips for the Looper (this will go 100% to the Looper)
  9. Click the Pay $$ + Tip button
  10. Check your email for a confirmation of payment, if you do not receive a confirmation, please reach out to

All Day Availability vs Specific Dates & Times

  • Specific Dates & Times
    • The specific date & time option should be used if you are a Patron with a tight schedule and/or would need the job done at a very certain time. This should be used if you are a Patron who doesn’t have a lot of time on your schedule for a Looper to come by, if you have a specific event, if you are renting a U-Haul on a certain day and need the Looper within that time frame, etc.

    • Examples:
      • You are scheduling a move for the weekend and called U-Haul, they have a truck ready for you to use Saturday at 10AM and you have dinner plans at 6 PM. You should schedule the job for 10AM to 4:30 or 5 PM.
      • You work weekdays 7AM -1 PM and need a Looper to come by for yard work this weekend because you are having company over. You want to be there to assist & guide the Looper. You should schedule your job for a weekday (can be multiple times), but you should list the job using the Specific Date and Time option and make your availability between 2 PM -5 PM (or whatever time you choose to end your day).
  • All-Day Availability
    • The all-day availability option should be used if you are a Patron who is flexible with their time and are able to provide time window(s) where you would be available and would not mind that a Looper came within the times that you specify. Please note that if you are listing using all-day availability, it can be helpful for Loopers to provide an estimated duration of the job within the job description.

    • Example:
      • You are available all day on Saturday and Sunday for yard work, you wouldn’t mind if a Looper came either day, as long as it fell within 9AM to 4 PM. You would list those two dates, along with a 9AM to 5 PM time frame. This would mean that if you thought the yard work would take 2 hours, you would mind if the Looper came at say, 3 PM on Sunday, to get the job done.

How To Become A Patron

  1. Click the Get Started button on the home page
  2. Click the Patron button on the right hand side
  3. Enter in your personal email address
  4. Enter in a desired password
  5. Confirm the desired password
  6. Provide a personal 4-digit code that we can use to identify you if we ever need to reach you via alternate means of communication
  7. Select an option from the list to let us know how you heard about us
  8. You will be directed to Log In to your account, using the email address that you just provided and the password that you just created
  9. Once you are logged in, you will be prompted to enter in more information
  10. Enter your first name
  11. Enter your last name
  12. Enter your phone type
  13. Enter your phone number
  14. Enter your phone provider (we request this information to aid our ability to contact you via text message)
  15. Enter your address type
  16. Enter your street address. It should show up in the field that displays. Click on it please
  17. Select your preferred gender
  18. Enter in a referral code (if applicable)
  19. Click Submit.
  20. You should now be on the orientation page
  21. Scroll down to the ‘Onboarding’ section
  22. Click on the Complete and Sign button to review the Patron-Looper agreement
  23. Consent to the agreement by checking off the 'Consent Here After Reading' box
  24. Click the Thank You! Continue Here! button
  25. Back on the ‘Onboarding’ section, click on the Upload button next to the profile picture option
  26. Upload a profile picture of yourself from your computer to help our Loopers match a name with a face on your profile and on jobs. This is optional at this time.
  27. Back on the Onboarding section, if you are done with all other steps above, click on the Go To Dashboard button to finish